The Comb

By: Mishka Parashar 3rd Grade, 2014

Dedicated to: Mom because I want to thank her for combing my hair.


Once there was a girl names Lilly. She never wanted a haircut. Nobody wanted hair clips, Head bands, not even pigtails, or pony tails. So their hair was really messy.


One day, Lilly’s mom told her to go comb her hair outside. “I don’t want to go outside with that old thingamadoodle!” complained Lilly.

“But there are knots in your hair!” yelled her mom.

“Does it make my hair smooth?” asked Lilly.

“It sure does!” answered her mother.

“Does it make my hair shiny?”

“Yes!” said her mom again.

“Fine, then I’m using it!” said Lilly.img008

She went outside to comb her hair. Nobody showed up. “I guess nobody would laugh at me this time!” she thought, “But I hope I don’t take this combie-whatever thingie to school!” she thought again.img009

The next day, Lilly’s mom made her take the comb to school, just in case if her hair ever gets messy. Before Lilly even left, she hid her comb inside her backpack.img010

When school was over, Lily quickly combed her hair. It felt so good that she kept combing it. One of her friends saw her combing her hair.img011

“Wow, can I see that?” Her friend asked.

“You really actually like it?” asked Lilly, astonished.

“Why would you ever think it’s bad?” asked her friend.

“Well I just um…”

“Come on! We have to show it to everyone else too!” said her friend.img015

She showed everyone the comb. “Wow!” said one person.

“What is that?” asked another.

“Can I have that?” asked the third person.

Everyone came charging towards Lilly. Lilly ran.img012

“Heeeeelp!!!!” She ran to her car.

“Drive, drive, drive!!” She yelled to her mom.

“But why? You always come home very peacefully.”said her mom.

“Just drive!” screamed Lilly. They drove away. “Phew!” said Lilly. “That was a close one!” she said again.

When summer, autumn, and winter ended, spring came! And everyone in school brought their own combs. Even boys!

Thanks to Lilly and her mom! THE END!img013