The Journey Of A Butterfly

By Mishka Parashar
 (2015 Young Author 4th Grade)
(Sycamore Trails Elementary School 4th Grade)


Here’s the story of my butterfly journey.

Chapter 1


I first started out as an egg. The egg then started to hatch and I was a cute, little caterpillar. I was really hungry, so I ate some leaves every day.


A few days later, I was a pretty big caterpillar. I started to feel really sleepy, so I thought that I might need some rest.




Chapter 2


I then found a branch that seemed to be close by, and I went there.


When I reached to the branch, I then hung myself upside down on the branch and made a chrysalis.


I must have stayed in my chrysalis for a long time.



Chapter 3

I’m a butterfly

I woke up. I got out my chrysalis. I then noticed, I had wings. I was a monarch butterfly! But my wings weren’t ready yet, so I waited  for few hours until I was ready to fly.


I then tested out my wings, just to make sure I was ready to start my journey. They real good, so I was ready.


Chapter 4 The Start Of the Journey

I then started flying. I flew where all the other butterflies were flying and started to follow them.


I felt like I finally had some freedom. But I noticed some dangers along the way, and those dangers were the predators.

Chapter 5

A Long Way

The good thing is that we, the monarch butterflies are poisonous so we taste terrible to our predators.

IMG_20150405_172618 (2)

But the bad thing is that some of the predators don’t know that yet. I did see lot of birds flying by and that scared me but I kept flying. I flew and flew and it took me months to reach my destination.


I made a few stops on milkweed plants along the way. These plants gave me energy and I was able to continue my journey.


Chapter 6

My Destination

We all reached to Mexico. It was very warm there. I then landed on a tree and rested. The next day I laid my egg and that’s the end of my wonderful life.


I didn’t get a chance to fly back home, but that is alright because the egg I laid is going to be the butterfly who will take the journey back home.