Gun Control

Opinion By: Mishka Parashar

Reference: Junior Scholastic News Article: The Fight Over Guns

Gun Control is a broad term that covers many kinds of restrictions. It can include regulations about what kinds of firearms can be bought and sold and who can possess or sell them. Gun control can also involve the responsibility a seller has to check a buyer’s background and whether a gun sale should be reported to the government. It is something in which many people and candidates have been having debates about, in which gun control is the proposition. But, would stricter gun control reduce violence in America? There is an affirmative and negative side for that. I’m honestly going on the affirmative side for many reasons.

When Americans are asked whether they favor stricter gun laws, they’re about evenly divided on this issue, according to a recent Pew Research Center poll. It also depends on where you live. 51% of people who live in the country own a gun. 36% of the suburban people also own a gun. For the city people, it’s 25%.

In my opinion, I think people should go for gun control for many different reasons. Any criminal could just run to the store, buy a gun, then start shooting everybody around them. This is what produces violence in our country. A quote from the article clearly states, “A United Nations study revealed that U.S had 3.21 firearm homicides per 100,000 people in 2010, the highest among developed nations.” Without guns, there will be much less violence in this country. In the article, it also stated, “After 26 people were killed in a 2012 shooting at an Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, New York and connecticut passed new restrictions on assault rifles and large-capacity magazines.”

Most gun controls in the U.S. exist at the state level. Some states have more rigorous background check systems than a federal one. Some require a licence or permit to own a gun, but most don’t. In some parts of the country, there is amuch more resistance to gun laws.

Though, in conclusion, I think we should include more gun control in this country, because guns is one of the only reasons why there is a lot of violence going on in this country.


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