Older Kid vs Younger Kid

Is Life tougher being the Little kid, or Older kid???

Little kid

Sameer(age 6)-

You could get blamed from big kids. You don’t  get so much attention. They could say mean to you. Older kids ignore you. Big kids mess your docs. Big kids pinch you. Mishka is mean too. They say ewwww you smell like fart. They embarrass you. They can say your face is dirty. “Ugh.”👅

See its harder  being the little kid!!!

Mihir(age 6)-

Little kids always have to be bossed around from “older kids”. Older kids get to do fun things just because they are “older”. Since the older kid gets to boss you around, you have to play the games your older brother or sister wants you to play. Your older brother or sister can mess with you any time they’d like. The older kid can choose if they want to tell you something cool or not. The older kid gets to blame you. They can blackmail you. The older kid gets more attention because they are “older”. The older kid can also embarrass you. Such as “mihir pooped his pants”. They are the only person to play with. So if they are playing something boring, you couldn’t play with anyone else. See how hard it is to be younger?😩

Older kid

Mishka(age 10)-

You’re probably thinking: “Little kids deserve more respect! Older kids don’t treat them well enough! They always have to be the bossed around by their elders!” Well, not exactly. And you’re most likely thinking, “Little kids have to deal with their older brother or sister all the time!” Well, that’s not how it goes for me. For example, I’m always the one who gets a junk load of homework for spring break, while Sameer and Mihir are joyfully playing downstairs in the basement, jumping around, pretending to be dinosaurs. These are some of the reasons why older kids usually refer to their little brothers or sisters as, “Annoying”. Also, I’m not meant to be bossy. I’m just trying to guide kids, on good ideas, and what are some things they should do. Shouldn’t older kids at least try to teach them what is right and wrong? And how to handle those “School Situations”? And what about responsibility? The older you get, the more responsibilities you will automatically have. So many chores to do, while the younger ones are just playing around finished with their, “One Chore” 😩 Also, being the oldest, you get much less attention when there is a little kid around, and you get blamed a lot too. Just because you’re the “Big Kid”. And whenever you’re playing a game, one of the littlest kids, such as Mihir won’t be playing fair, so right when you’ll start requesting him to play right, he’ll begin screaming at you right away, and yelling at you, saying that you’re not the boss of him. See how hard it is to be the older kid? Older kids sure deserve much more respect from their younger ones these days. 😟



Is this the Flag of Hate?

Is this The Flag of Hate?

By: Mishka Parashar(Mrs. Schauer’s Class)

Reference: Junior Scholastic

The main idea of this article is: Should the Confederate flag be taken away? Some people think this flag is racist. Some people think it’s not. Inspiring years of protests, the confederate battle flag flew in front of the South Carolina State House until July 10th, 2015. Before a crowd of about 10,000 people, they ceremoniously lowered the flag of the Confederacy, folded it, and took it away. In the article, it stated, “Some of the attendance chanted, ‘U.S.A!’ in celebration.” but it also stated, “Others in the crowd weren’t so happy.” For them, the banner remains a symbol of pride and heritage. This is one of the reasons why this is has many times been debated about. In the text, it questioned, “Are symbols of Confederacy, like the flag, and memories to its heroes displays of Southern pride, or are they racist?

Different people from different groups have different feelings and opinions about this flag. Should the flag be taken down? Some people are on the affirmative side for this, but at the same time, others are on the negative side. A quote from the article is, “‘I didn’t think I’d live to see this,’” said James Johnson, who witnessed the event. For him, the flag represented slavery-the main cause of the civil war(1861-1865)-and the oppression of blacks like himself.” But it also stated, “Others in the crowd weren’t so happy. Robert Hines, who is white, stood quietly holding small confederate flags. “We had 22,000 South Carolinians die under the flag,” he told the reporter. For him and many others, the banner remains a symbol of pride and heritage.”

In my opinion, I think the flag should be taken down because this flag was many times used against blacks. To the African Americans, it represented slavery, which is what was the main cause of the civil war. Also, a 21 year-old white named Dylann Roof, who opened  a fire at a service at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal(AME) Church in Charleston, South Carolina on June 17, 2015. Some evidence from the text said, “Nine people were killed, all of them black. After roof was arrested, authorities discovered his website. Along with the racist rants against blacks, it showed Roof posing with symbols of the confederacy, including the flag.” It also stated in the text, “James Johnson , who grew up in North Charleston in the civil rights era , understood that meaning of the flag. When he was a boy, the Klu Klux Klan, a racist group that terrorized blacks, would march through town, always brandishing the confederate flag. ‘That’s how they showed that they disliked you.’ He tells JS. ‘There’s nothing good about the flag as far as black folks are concerned.’”

You’re probably wondering what is being done about this flag. In the article, it stated, “In the wake of the charleston shootings, some Southern states are rethinking their relationship to the confederate flag. Alabama quietly took down  flags on its state capital grounds. Other states are making efforts to remove it from licence plates. Meanwhile, retailers such as Walmart have stopped selling items with the flag on them.” School names are also being examined. According to one count, 188 public schools in the U.S. are named for confederate flags. In another paragraph, it had said, “At one, J.E.B. Stuart High School in Falls Church, Virginia, students have circulated a petition to rename the school., which honors a famed Confederate cavalry officer.” It had also said, “Afia Kwarteng, who recently graduated from Stuart, signed the petition. ‘As a black student, I didn’t like attending a school named after someone who was for enslaving and opposing my people,’ she says.” Those are some main reasons why they should take the flag down.

Gun Control

Opinion By: Mishka Parashar

Reference: Junior Scholastic News Article: The Fight Over Guns

Gun Control is a broad term that covers many kinds of restrictions. It can include regulations about what kinds of firearms can be bought and sold and who can possess or sell them. Gun control can also involve the responsibility a seller has to check a buyer’s background and whether a gun sale should be reported to the government. It is something in which many people and candidates have been having debates about, in which gun control is the proposition. But, would stricter gun control reduce violence in America? There is an affirmative and negative side for that. I’m honestly going on the affirmative side for many reasons.

When Americans are asked whether they favor stricter gun laws, they’re about evenly divided on this issue, according to a recent Pew Research Center poll. It also depends on where you live. 51% of people who live in the country own a gun. 36% of the suburban people also own a gun. For the city people, it’s 25%.

In my opinion, I think people should go for gun control for many different reasons. Any criminal could just run to the store, buy a gun, then start shooting everybody around them. This is what produces violence in our country. A quote from the article clearly states, “A United Nations study revealed that U.S had 3.21 firearm homicides per 100,000 people in 2010, the highest among developed nations.” Without guns, there will be much less violence in this country. In the article, it also stated, “After 26 people were killed in a 2012 shooting at an Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, New York and connecticut passed new restrictions on assault rifles and large-capacity magazines.”

Most gun controls in the U.S. exist at the state level. Some states have more rigorous background check systems than a federal one. Some require a licence or permit to own a gun, but most don’t. In some parts of the country, there is amuch more resistance to gun laws.

Though, in conclusion, I think we should include more gun control in this country, because guns is one of the only reasons why there is a lot of violence going on in this country.

Chocolate Milk vs White Milk

Chocolate Milk

My opinion is that chocolate milk is way better than regular milk. It is way tastier than regular milk because it is obviously the same drink but with delicious chocolate. Clearly, more kids like chocolate milk more than amount of kids who like white milk more. It’s a very good idea to have chocolate milk after sledding, or playing outside in the cold snow.choco milk vs white milk Chocolate milk is also a great drink to drink after exercising. In addition, September 27th is National Chocolate Milk Day. Chocolate milk is also very healthy because it has all the nutrition that you need. After all, chocolate milk also helps prevent from cancer. Those were all the facts why I think chocolate milk should be served in the cafeteria instead of white milk.