Two Groups

Two Groups

(By Mishka Parashar 5th Grade 2016)

Chapter 1

Getting out of my bed has always been the worst part of my morning. I have to literally roll off my bed, get up, and go to the bathroom to brush my teeth. This is especially tough when it is a stinky weekday(Which everyone knows: a school day).


But it can’t be a school day. It just can’t. There’s got to be more weekends. Why not Friday just be a part of the weekend? That’s what it is today.

I’m not afraid of school or anything. How could I be? The teachers in Hawkwood are really nice. Learning here in this school, is actually pretty much a dream come true. They make it a dream. By having us do experiments, geometry, and algebra in many different ways.

It’s just this one thing that bothers me. Don’t worry, I’m not being bullied. I’m just bothered. Very bothered. Help! I’m being torchured by a bunch of random students! I want this all to stop! That’s all I want!

People never listen these days. They just do what they think is right, and they do it, even if they know it’s not right, and never take advice from other people.

What I mean to say, is that I want this all to stop. I need peace. You probably don’t know what this all is, and that’s what I’m about to explain right now.

Chapter 2

You see, in school, the boys always get along with each other just fine, and all are really good friends, forming one big group of boys.

But for us, the girls, it’s a little different. We have two groups instead. I think it all started from an argument between Stella and Stacy. I got into Stacy’s group, only because all my friends are in this one. I didn’t want to go into any group, but my friends made me have no option.

The people in our group are: Stacy, Katie, Lia, Lily, Lexi and me(Katrin). The people in the other group are: Stella, Gabriella, Miya, Mary, Amy, Kayma, Rosie, and Lizzy. Stella is the leader of that group, she has a co-leader, which I guess, is Lizzy. Stacy is the leader of our group. I think our co-leader is Katie.

Not every girl is in a group though. Rebecca, Belinda, and Wendy aren’t in one. Those people we just call, “Non-Groupers”, who would probably never want to join any group. Ashley, Emily, and Hillari are thinking to join one, which are people who we call, “Pre-Groupers”.

I don’t like this “Group Thing” though. It makes me feel like something bad is going to happen soon. I’m afraid that if we keep staying in our groups, this might even cause war. Which is what I’m most afraid of.


Chapter 3

When I reached school today, I slowly walked to my classroom carrying a notebook that says “Math” on it, an accordion folder, and five books(my mother keeps trying to tell me to bring only one book, but I just can’t help it!)

When we started math, I felt someone tap my shoulder. I turned around. It was Katie.

“Meet me at lunch tomorrow.” she whispered.

“Okay.” I whispered back.

“Katrin, Katie, stop whispering, and pay attention please.” said Mrs. Candel, my math teacher. “You won’t want to stay in for lunch, will you?” We both shook our heads. Katie scurried back to her seat.

At lunch, Katie waved her hand right above her head, expecting me to come over to her table. I looked at her, nodded, and walked over to her. I sat, and placed my lunchbox onto the table.

“So,” she began. “we’ll need more people in our group. How about an interesting group name to attract Hillari?”

“Not this again!” I complained.

“But it’s important!”

“I’m leaving.” I said as I got up, and left the table.

“You can leave, but you’re still in our group!” yelled Katie when I reached another table.

I sat in a table where non-groupers usually sit. Rebecca and Wendy were sitting there waiting for me. Belinda wasn’t there though. Must’ve been absent. I put my lunchbox on the table, took out my sandwich, and took a big bite of it.

“Do you like being on Kate’s side?” asked, Rebecca.

I swallowed. “No.”

“Why not?”

“I don’t want to be on anyone’s side! How many times do I have to tell people that?”

“Oh. Sorry. I was just trying to test you to know if you like the idea or not.”

“What idea?”

“Don’t you know? I’m planning to join your group.”

The words made me worry. I didn’t want more people on my side. That’ll cause more arguments. It’ll make things scarier. Creepier. Horribler. Is that even a word? Whatever.


Chapter 4

Today is the day. Today will be the day. Because today, I, Katrin Millar, am going to start peace.

I jumped out of bed, brushed my teeth, took a shower, got dressed, and grabbed my book(one this time).

Downstairs, my mother noticed me, all dressed and ready.

“How did you get down here so fast?” She asked, almost giggling.

“I’m ready for school!” I rushed towards the door.

“What school?”

“Huh?” I stopped, almost about to bang my head.

“It’s Labor Day remember?”

“Oh.” I said as I plopped myself onto the couch.

“What’s wrong?” asked my mother. “You usually love Labor Day.”

“I do.” I replied back. “Just didn’t expect that.”

“I see.” My mother finally went back to the kitchen.  I sighed. Good thing she didn’t barge into my business like she usually does, this time. I’m just too exhausted to even say anything.


Chapter 5

The next day was a school day(finally). But guess what? I gave up. I’ll just try best to ignore all the annoying arguments and wars, and things like that. I mean, what’s the point when nobody’s going to listen?

When I reached school, I finally had some peace. The ignoring trick actually worked. Not a single sound I could hear. Only until the end of the day.

The English teacher was at a meeting and the substitute was in the restroom. I was working silently in the classroom, until I heard someone scream, “You take that back!” and then, “No, you take that back!”

I was at the edge of the room looking around. All I saw, were boys looking up, and non-groupers rolling their eyes, and continuing their work. I was the only girl in the classroom.


I stepped out of the classroom, and into the hallway to see a bunch of girls arguing with each other.

“This group idea isn’t peaceful!” yelled Rosie which forced me to nod in agreement. I actually kind of smiled.

“Because Stacy started it!” my smile turned down to a frown.

“NO! You started it, Rosie!” Stacy yelled.

“Actually, I think Amy started it.” said Lily.

“No!” Amy sighed. “And let’s just forget about it all, but still be groups. How’s that?”

“NO!” I couldn’t help yelling.

“What?” said Mary, confused.

“I said no.”

“Why?” asked Lexie.


“Because what?” asked Stacy disagreeing.

“Because, first tell me, who created the groups?”

I got a bunch of answers, “Stacy did! Lia did! Obviously Katie!”

“Er… forget I even said that!” I hated it whenever I said the wrong thing. It reminds me of when I accidently said a swear word in first grade(That was bad. REALLY BAD!) “Let’s just forget the past, and just all be friends!” was all that came out of my mouth, but the countenance on everybody else’s faces told me that they totally disagree.

Lily took three big steps towards me, only a foot away. “I can’t.” She sighed. “Mary won’t confess that she stole my  planner in third grade.”

“I did not!” Exclaimed Mary.

“You did! And also my pencil case in fourth grade!”

“You must’ve misplaced it then!”

Before the girls could even argue, I yelled, “STOP!!!” They stopped. “We can work this out.” I knew exactly what I was going to say this time. “First of all, did the teachers ask you to do this?”
Everyone shook their heads.

“What is causing all this negativity?”

“Stacy!” said one girl.

“No!” yelled Stacy.

“It’s the groups.” I smiled. “This would’ve never happened if we were all one group.” A memory began to flow through my mind. “Why not have it back in the old days? Where Stella and Stacy were best friends, and the whole school was filled with peace, and everyone was happy? So why not-”

“Stop it, Katrin.” Lizzy had interrupted. “I’ve heard enough trash.” She walked back into the classroom.

I looked to the ground. “I give up.” I said. “I don’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings.”

Chapter 6

I was about to walk away, when I felt someone tap my shoulder. It was Lily.

“I agree.” She unbelievingly said. “I don’t want to be in groups anymore.”

“What about you people?” I turned to everybody else.

Gabriella kind of seemed to agree, but said it in a strange way. “You made us all look like fools!” she walked back to the classroom. Everyone else followed.

Me and Lily stayed standing in the hallway. She put her hand on my shoulder.

“Thanks for being fair.” she said. “Now I agree. No separate teams, we should all be one team.”

I smiled. “Let’s go inside now. I think the teacher, I mean, sub is coming.”


Chapter 7

The next day, I expected to see people still in their same old groups, arguing, and starting wars. But that didn’t happen. Somehow. Everyone seemed to be all in one group, seeing each other as a whole class.

But the only thing that surprised me so much is that I noticed Stella and Stacy talking to each other again. But this time, it wasn’t an argument. They were talking like, as if they were friends, or as if it were the beginning of the school year again.

I had never expected that, and I wanted to ask them what had happened, but I was just too cheerful because of all this peace. But I’m still not sure if the the “Group” thing has completely ended or not, but I really don’t have to worry about that, for now.

By the way, I found my new hobby: writing. My first story was about this dragon made of candy canes, that lives in Potato Land with his brother who’s made of strawberry yogurt. Some people say it’s kind of strange, but according to the fact that I will and always have full control of my life, I still like it, just the way it is.



From a Backyard, To a Waterpark


By Mishka Parashar, 4th Grade, 2015


Chapter 1

The Playdate

There once was a girl named Maria. This story all started when Maria was playing outside in the backyard with her friend, Kelly. Though, they had nothing fun to do, so they just decided to play a simple game of catch. Maria then accidentally threw the ball too hard, and then it ended up hitting Kelly’s head.

“That was never meant to happen!” Maria said making sure she wouldn’t get in trouble. “The wind must have shifted!” Maria watched as Kelly screamed in tears, her head bleeding. “I don’t think that was me.” Maria looked at the ball. It had run out of air. Maria picked it up, and noticed a needle sticking out of it. “Oh. Heh heh.”


Chapter 2

Nothing To Do

Seconds later, Maria’s mom came outside, rushing on the phone. She must’ve have been on an important call. “Just a minute, I have to make another call.” she said on the phone.

Minutes later, Kelly’s mom came rushing to Maria’s house, picked Kelly up, and took her to the hospital. Maria then felt lonely. She was grounded for one day.

“Why not feed Ruffy? He’s been hungry all day. Won’t that make you feel better?” Her mom suggested. Feeding Ruffy never made Maria feel better. Ruffy is an old black and brown dog with strong legs, that has been biting Maria a lot ever since. Every time Maria sees or feeds Ruffy, she starts wondering why Max would choose such aggressive dog to be their pet at the pet store. What Maria really wanted all along, was a cat. But she couldn’t get one because her mom said to her, “No snakes, lizards, wild animals, bunnies, hamsters, or cats.” She had pouted and said,“Not even a kitten?”

Maria sighed as she poured Ruffy’s food into the dog bowl. Ruffy suddenly growled, leading Maria away from the bowl as she finished. Ruffy then growled again as he devoured the food in his bowl.

Maria’s mom then came walking towards the kitchen, Max following her. “Would you like to go grocery shopping today Maria?”

Maria sighed, “Okay.” Some excitement then abruptly hit Maria’s mind. “Can we then go to a waterp-”

Her mom interrupted, “No, absolutely no. You are grounded, Kelly is hurt, and no more playdates with her.”

Maria sighed. “Fine, fine.”

“And remember,”


“Max is coming with you.” Maria wasn’t expecting an answer like that! But since she had nothing to do, she agreed.


Chapter 3

Cranky Max

When they reached to the grocery shop, Mom placed Max in the cart. Maria usually didn’t like going to places with Max.

A few hours later, Max started getting a little cranky. It all started when he saw some ice cream in the refrigerators in the back of the store. Then he cried, “Ice cream! Ice cream! I want ice cream!”

“We won’t get ice cream alright?” her mother said.

“Ice cream, ice cream! I want some ice cream!” Max started crying. He would cry every time no one would give him what he wanted. That’s who Max is.

“Can we get out of the dairy section?” Maria was annoyed. She always thought Max was the worst five year old in the world. Sometimes, she wonders how such a crybaby could get stars on their kindergarten homework.

Maria’s mom drove the cart out of the dairy section, and moved on to the breakfast section. “Ice cream! Gimme ice cream!” Max cried.

“Calm down Max!” her mother was annoyed too.

“I want ice cream!”

“If you ask for ice cream one more time, we’re going home.”

“But we just started!” Maria said.

“I don’t care, if Max troubles, we’re going home.” Maria looked at Max like he smelled like garbage. And he pretty much did.

Max then yelled, “I WANT ICE CREAM!!!” There. Now he’d done it. That was the loudest Max had ever yelled in the grocery store. All the shoppers looked at Maria, as if she’d been the one who yelled it. Her mother looked at Max, then at Maria.

“THAT’S IT!!!” she shouted. “Now we’re going home.” Everyone stared at the family, as they walked to the door. “I can’t believe one little boy can cause so much trouble!” Maria’s mom said. Maria sighed as she walked to the car.

Chapter 4

Something To Say

When they reached, Maria’s mom opened the door and said, “I have something to say, Maria.” Maria looked at her surprised as she walked inside. Maria’s mother didn’t seem to be in bad mood anymore.

When Maria walked into the car, her mother took a deep breath(she always takes a deep breath when she wants to say something important)“I’m sorry Maria.”

Maria looked down at her legs. “It’s okay.”

“There’s another thing I want to say.”


“There’s a nearby water park near the mall. Would you like to have some fun tomorrow?”

“But I thought-”

“You’re only grounded for today.”

“YES!!!!” yelled Maria, startling Max.

“Can I go too?” asked Max.

“Sure you can!” Maria’s mom smiled. “But first, we eat dinner, go to sleep and have fun.” They all reached home and ate dinner. Maria was so excited, that she hardly slept!

Chapter 5

The Waterpark

The next day was a nice Saturday morning. Also known as “Fun Day” for the family. They woke up excited, put on their swimsuits, and left there house. Gina, Maria’s 18 year old older sister, went too. She invited her best friend, Isabelle. Maria invited her best friend, Kelly who was feeling much better now, and got her head bandaged.

When the family reached the waterpark, they found a locker to keep their items. After that, they went to the waterslides. But there weren’t just water slides. There were hot tubs, water games, including water basket ball!

When Maria and Kelly were waiting in line to go on a tall water slide together, Maria said, “I’m really sorry.”

“About what?” Kelly was confused.

“Remember when you went to the hospital?”

Kelly thought for a long time. Then she finally said, “Oh yeah, I remember.”

“So, are we still friends?”

“Of course we are!” Kelly wondered why on earth Maria would think she’s not her friend.

“Though, I did get some stitches at the hospital.” Maria’s smile turned upside down.

“But I still forgive you.” Maria smiled again.

“Thanks for inviting me to this awesome water park!”

“You’re welcome!” said Maria, overjoyed.

Meanwhile, Gina and Isabella were enjoying their warm time in the sun, in the relaxing hot tub. “Aaaahhh this is the life.”

“You got that right Gina! Paradise!” They both giggled, and enjoyed their day.

Also, Max was playing in the shallow water in the kiddie zone, where there are mini slides, tiny pools, and lots of other fun things little kids and babies like to do.

Everyone had a lot of fun at the water park. Now there’s a day they would never forget.


The Journey Of A Butterfly

By Mishka Parashar
 (2015 Young Author 4th Grade)
(Sycamore Trails Elementary School 4th Grade)


Here’s the story of my butterfly journey.

Chapter 1


I first started out as an egg. The egg then started to hatch and I was a cute, little caterpillar. I was really hungry, so I ate some leaves every day.


A few days later, I was a pretty big caterpillar. I started to feel really sleepy, so I thought that I might need some rest.




Chapter 2


I then found a branch that seemed to be close by, and I went there.


When I reached to the branch, I then hung myself upside down on the branch and made a chrysalis.


I must have stayed in my chrysalis for a long time.



Chapter 3

I’m a butterfly

I woke up. I got out my chrysalis. I then noticed, I had wings. I was a monarch butterfly! But my wings weren’t ready yet, so I waited  for few hours until I was ready to fly.


I then tested out my wings, just to make sure I was ready to start my journey. They real good, so I was ready.


Chapter 4 The Start Of the Journey

I then started flying. I flew where all the other butterflies were flying and started to follow them.


I felt like I finally had some freedom. But I noticed some dangers along the way, and those dangers were the predators.

Chapter 5

A Long Way

The good thing is that we, the monarch butterflies are poisonous so we taste terrible to our predators.

IMG_20150405_172618 (2)

But the bad thing is that some of the predators don’t know that yet. I did see lot of birds flying by and that scared me but I kept flying. I flew and flew and it took me months to reach my destination.


I made a few stops on milkweed plants along the way. These plants gave me energy and I was able to continue my journey.


Chapter 6

My Destination

We all reached to Mexico. It was very warm there. I then landed on a tree and rested. The next day I laid my egg and that’s the end of my wonderful life.


I didn’t get a chance to fly back home, but that is alright because the egg I laid is going to be the butterfly who will take the journey back home.



The Comb

By: Mishka Parashar 3rd Grade, 2014

Dedicated to: Mom because I want to thank her for combing my hair.


Once there was a girl names Lilly. She never wanted a haircut. Nobody wanted hair clips, Head bands, not even pigtails, or pony tails. So their hair was really messy.


One day, Lilly’s mom told her to go comb her hair outside. “I don’t want to go outside with that old thingamadoodle!” complained Lilly.

“But there are knots in your hair!” yelled her mom.

“Does it make my hair smooth?” asked Lilly.

“It sure does!” answered her mother.

“Does it make my hair shiny?”

“Yes!” said her mom again.

“Fine, then I’m using it!” said Lilly.img008

She went outside to comb her hair. Nobody showed up. “I guess nobody would laugh at me this time!” she thought, “But I hope I don’t take this combie-whatever thingie to school!” she thought again.img009

The next day, Lilly’s mom made her take the comb to school, just in case if her hair ever gets messy. Before Lilly even left, she hid her comb inside her backpack.img010

When school was over, Lily quickly combed her hair. It felt so good that she kept combing it. One of her friends saw her combing her hair.img011

“Wow, can I see that?” Her friend asked.

“You really actually like it?” asked Lilly, astonished.

“Why would you ever think it’s bad?” asked her friend.

“Well I just um…”

“Come on! We have to show it to everyone else too!” said her friend.img015

She showed everyone the comb. “Wow!” said one person.

“What is that?” asked another.

“Can I have that?” asked the third person.

Everyone came charging towards Lilly. Lilly ran.img012

“Heeeeelp!!!!” She ran to her car.

“Drive, drive, drive!!” She yelled to her mom.

“But why? You always come home very peacefully.”said her mom.

“Just drive!” screamed Lilly. They drove away. “Phew!” said Lilly. “That was a close one!” she said again.

When summer, autumn, and winter ended, spring came! And everyone in school brought their own combs. Even boys!

Thanks to Lilly and her mom! THE END!img013